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Orodha is a FREE fully functional Open Source web based listing management application.  Orodha is commonly used for Real Estate listings, classifieds, boats, and just about anything one could possibly list.  Orodha provides for easy installation, search engine optimization, customizable templates, virtual tour support, plus many other features.  Combine the installed features with many other addons to suit your needs and you have a customizable, robust web site with a huge community following.

Orodha is primarily used to create real estate web sites.  Orodha is a fork of Open Realty® and is not affiliated with Transparent Tech®Creating a powerful real estate website can be done with Orodha Listing Manager Software. Orodha Hosting can host your real estate website. Orodha professional services can also custom configure your real estate website and create custom templates for a fee if you so choose.  There are MLS and RETS imports for Orodha sites created for real estate.  You can import home listings from your Multiple Listing Service using IDX Manager addons and RETS addons.


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